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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Fairland

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Established Fairland is well located close to access routes, shops and schools and draws couples with children to its leafy streets

Fairland is more sought after than most of its neighbouring suburbs as it’s well situated close to main routes and known for its good schools – attributes which combine to make it an ideal neighbourhood in which to raise a family.

Many residents in suburbs such as Weltevreden Park have been known to relocate to Fairland to be on the other side of the highway to save time in the traffic.

Estate agents have been imparting a closely-guarded secret to prospective homebuyers: they need to take advantage of well-priced upmarket properties that come on the market as older residents scale down.

I recommend investing in Fairland as it has shown great returns over the past 10 years and has high rental potential. – Marina Anzilotti, estate agent, Arthur Baron Estates Picture: Supplied

“Prices of upmarket houses in Fairland are mostly in the region of R3.5 million to R5m, depending on condition, design and finishes,” says Marina Anzilotti, a specialist agent on Fairland at Arthur Baron Estates, who describes Fairland as established. She puts the property price range at between R800 000 and R6.3m and notes that more than 100 properties are on sale at the moment.

“If priced correctly, property can sell fairly quickly. Modern clusters are popular among buyers between 35 and 45 years, while single-level townhouses in secure complexes attract more senior citizens, who enjoy secure, low-maintenance and comfortable homes close to friendly shopping centres.” 

Young professionals working from home are also a common demographic, says Anzilotti.

Her principal, Arthur Baron, a Fairland resident, says there are stands as large as 2 976m² and developers have divided some into smaller portions for clusters.

Jacaranda blossom sets off this property on Smit Street. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

The more exclusive sections of Fairland include homes in Kessel, Johannes and Willson streets while Smit Street is known for townhouses, Anzilotti says. Cornelis and Market streets are however perceived to be less popular with homebuyers due to their closeness to the highway. 

“Nevertheless, there have been some high prices achieved in Market and Cornelis streets.”

Anzilotti says: “I sincerely recommend investing in Fairland as it has shown great returns over the past 10 years and has high rental potential.” 

She lists Fairland’s more apparent attributes: beautiful houses, abundance of trees, Beagle Watch cars patrolling the streets, old and new well-maintained complexes. 

Beagle Watch’s premises are centrally located in Smit Street, allowing for quicker response times in the event of residents having an emergency.

Arthur Baron also cites three or four parks, which add to the nature component of the area where an arch of jacarandas along Wilson Street have lent the route a purple haze this summer. The park on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Johannes Street hosts a tennis club, says Baron. Many residents enjoy walks and jogs in the mornings and evenings.

He singles out Fairland Laerskool as being popular: “Some parents move to Fairland to get be for this school.”

A new pedestrian bridge linking pedestrian traffic from Weltevreden to Fairland allows parents to circumvent the traffic as they can park near the bridge for their children to safely walk across.

Baron also cites the FNB/Wesbank building on the corner of Beyers Naude Drive and the N1 as an architectural masterpiece that adds to the heritage of the neighbourhood.

Arthur Baron’s favourite places and things to do

Fairland is so convenient for us; especially for me. It is well-positioned; one has easy access to the highway on Beyers Naude, which is a two-minute drive away. My workplace is in nearby Weltevreden Park, and I’m close to my gym at Cresta Shopping Centre, about 2.5km away. A revamped garage with convenience store is about to open closeby, and down 14th Avenue you find garages and general stores. – Resident Arthur Baron Picture: Supplied

1 Col’cacchio

It’s got a great atmosphere and excellent pizzas, my favourite being half Oregano and half Esotica. Energetic Anthony always makes us feel welcome. It’s also only about 2.5km from home. Corro Centre, Cnr Weltevreden Road and Bagley Terrace, Northcliff. 011 678 1694

2 Sakura Sushi

Fresh, well-priced sushi. 310 Pendoring Road, Blackheath, Randburg. 011 4765133 

3 Thunder Gun Steakhouse

This is so convenient. It’s been in existence for about 40 years. I always make a point of ordering their T-bone steak with baked potato and, of course, their Guinness Draught – 
my absolute favourite. 281 Beyers Naude Drive and Lewisham Road, Blackheath, Randburg. 011 678 7224

Thunder Gun Steakhouse is popular and goes back about 40 years. Picture: John Makoni

4 Lambrusco’s Italian Dining 

It’s got an intimate, romantic setting and serves excellent Italian cuisine. My favourite dish is seafood pasta. Shop 5 and 6, Fir Drive Centre, Cnr Fir Drive and Weltrevreden Road, Northcliff. 011 431 0591

5 Cresta Shopping Centre

This is a great shopping centre offering anything you can think of and is ideal for groceries, shopping and eating out. Beyers Naude Drive, Cresta, Randburg. 011 678 5306

6 MV Cafe

Awesome for scrumptious breakfasts. Mountain View Shopping Centre, 14th Avenue and Weltevreden Road, Northcliff. 011 476 2720


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