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JOBURG: Our insider’s guide to Blackheath

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An established northern suburb, Blackheath is a sought-after and relatively peaceful area. Freehold homes range from about R2m to R8m and sectional titles from R650 000 to R2m

Blackheath is a sought-after
neighbourhood well
situated within walking
distance of large regional
shopping centres and main routes
for easy access to workplaces in the
northern suburbs and the CBD.
Beyers Naudé Drive is lined with
shopping centres and shopping
malls, most notably Cresta Shopping
Centre, underlining the convenience
and ease of mobility and access
associated with Blackheath, says
Eras Huisamen of Gaylin Estates,
who works in the area.

“From the easy access to shopping
and major roads, to the
many attractions and activities,
Blackheath gives one a fair example
of what it means to stay in an established
northern Joburg suburb,” he
Blackheath is ideal for students,
offering an easy commute to institutions
such as Wits University and
the University of Johannesburg.
“There is also a number of private
and public schools in the area.
These include Northcliff Primary
School and Northcliff High School.
Also in the area is Abbots College
Northcliff, and numerous primary
and high schools along the bus
routes to Linden and Randburg,”
says Huisamen. 
Three-bedroom clusters with a double garage are much in demand at the moment.
– Eras Huisamen, estate agent, Gaylin Estates
Picture: Supplied

He says the suburb
is also fairly close to commercial
and industrial areas.
In terms of the available property
portfolio, it ranges from stand-alone
houses and cluster estates to sectional
title complexes, with a sectional
title property marked at anything
from R650 000 to R2 million,
according to Huisamen. 
He says the
average entry-level sectional title
apartment comprises two bedrooms
and a bathroom.
The freehold homes are
priced from under R2m to R8m:
“Brooklands is an upmarket,
well-established estate with homes
marked at between R5m and R8m.”
There are 143 individual properties
on the luxury estate.
“In the rest of old Blackheath,
you find huge stands of about
2 000m² that can be developed into
a maximum of four clusters. Three-bedroom
clusters with a double
garage are much in demand at the
moment,” he says.
Nearby Northcliff Country Club, in Pendoring Road, is a big attraction. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)

“There’s only a small portion
on the other side of Harley Road and between Badenhorst Road and
Beyers Naudé Drive where one is
allowed to put up to 12 units on
a stand,” Huisamen says, citing a
clutch of sectional title developments
along Beyers Naudé Drive
and Badenhorst Road as well as in
the vicinity of Heathway Shopping
Blackheath is relatively peaceful
and set on the lower slopes of
Northcliff Hill. It is named after
Blackheath in London, and was
established in 1903 with 277 stands
laid out over 84.5 hectares.
Cresta, Darrenwood, Aldara Park,
Risidale and Fairland offer comparable
value, says Huisamen.

Anja Mostert’s places of visit and where to eat

I live about 10km away in Boskruin, but work in Blackheath and know it well. It’s easy to get to work via Beyers Naudé Drive and it takes me
three to 10 minutes to get to a variety of takeaway outlets for lunch. Cresta Shopping Centre is obviously the flagship mall, but if you want to avoid paid parking, Heathway Centre is equally convenient. Blackheath is that friendly and convenient. – Resident Anja Mostert
Picture: Supplied

1 Lucios Pizzeria
It is an established
Italian restaurant that has been
operating for a long time. They give
friendly service and their food is fantastic.
231 Beyers Naudé Drive. 0116780042
2 Anja’s Banting Pantry

This is a
great health shop where people
who are diabetic or have allergies
can find suitable health foods. They carry
gluten-free, sugar-free and allergen-free
stock. Heathway Centre, corner Beyers
Naudé Drive and Castle Hill Drive.
3 Impala Centre
They have gifts,
flowers and plants, fruit, vegetables,
meat, handmade sweets and other
items for a complete one-stop-shop outing,
with free parking to boot. 177 Beyers
Naudé Drive, Northcliff. 0118885646

Lucios Pizzeria is a favourite in the area. Picture: Karen Sandison /African News Agency (ANA)

4 Petits Four Deli

They have
the best coffee and their cakes
are phenomenal. The variety is
huge. Heathway Centre, corner Beyers
Naudé and Castle Hill Drive, Blackheath.

5 Royal Punjab

Indian and Pakistani
cuisine in a sit down and takeaway
restaurant. Corner Beyers Naudé
Drive and Castle Hill Drive, Blackheath.

6 Thunder Gun

Established in the
1960s, this steakhouse has a
long-standing menu. 281 Beyers
Naudé Drive, Blackheath. 0116787224

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