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Bryanston: Long-term rewards

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Demand for property in Bryanston continues to be high, and with prices expected to rise it’s the perfect place for investment, and for parents who want their children to be near top schools

Invest in Bryanston and you can never lose: prices have held steady for the past two years, and they can only go up. This advice is worth heeding
Demand in Bryanston is perennially high, evidenced by developers pulling down older freehold properties to erect clusters and townhouses, and the sectional title market in particular is experiencing a boom, which makes the future bright for investors.

Should you invest in a freehold property, or go the sectional title route, your money is destined to reap good rewards in the long term.

Alisha Paterson, manager at Seeff Sandton, says: “There are many developments going on, including clusters and townhouses. They are pulling down big homes built in the 1960s and 1970s, several with tennis courts, big swimming pools and large grounds.”

Demolished homes are giving way to cluster-style and townhouse developments in the main, with prices right up to R10 million per unit. Higher density sectional title complexes built and being built are usually priced from about R1m to R1.2m, says Paterson. 

“That’s a big market. The sectional title market moves exceptionally well in Bryanston and last year racked in sales totalling R500m,” she says.

The sectional title properties have at least two bedrooms, although one does occasionally find one-bedroom units, says Paterson, who describes Bryanston as an area with an extremely diversified property portfolio.

She says the most expensive property they currently have is worth R50m. 

“You get lots of properties in the tens of millions. There are few marked around R30m and R40m. Prices have largely held steady over the past two years. The good thing, however, is no one has lost.”

The leading demand factors include lots of good schools.

The sectional title market moves exceptionally well in Bryanston, and last year racked
in sales totalling about R500m. – Alisha Paterson, manager, Seeff, Sandton
Picture: Supplied

Paterson says: “There are many good schools, including St Stithians, Michael Mount Waldorf, Brescia House and British International College. You also have good government schools such as Bryanston High, and there are at least three excellent primary schools in the area.”

Paterson also points out that Bryanston is ideally situated, south of the “concrete highway”, a location which spares residents the traffic snarl-ups towards Fourways and the West Rand.

Properties are more affordable as you head north towards Fourways, and more expensive as you travel south in the direction of Sandton, she says, pointing out that Sandton is an offshoot of Sandhurst and Bryanston.

Prospective homeowners in the area would be better served by doing their homework thoroughly to find the right buy, cautions Paterson, who cites the sheer expanse of Bryanston, which has about 10 000 properties. 

“They need to look at both the eastern and western parts of the suburb and make sure they have examined the whole area,” she advises.

The settlement of Bryanston dates back to about 1900 when small farms were established in the area, according to the Heritage Porta. A magnificent house on Homestead Avenue was one of the first grand homes to be erected in the area.

Hangouts, places of interest and things to do 

Bryanston is a family-orientated upmarket suburb, and that is why I chose to live here. You have proximity to a number of top-end schools. It’s also easy to get to my office in Woodmead and access my head office in Sandton. It’s equally convenient to get to the nearest shops. Riverside Shopping Centre is within walking distance of my home and we also have Hobart Shopping Centre a moment’s drive away. – Resident Gareth Robertson Picture: Supplied

1 Parks 

Hamilton Park in Bryanston East. A small park perfect for taking the dogs for a walk as it is fenced in. The park also has a playground area and is great for families. 011 712 6600 or with Park Run. 

Every Saturday at 8am the run goes along the Braamfontein Spruit running through Bryanston. It is a free 5km event for ­runners of all standards. A great opportunity for all the local community, male or female, young or old, to come together to enjoy the park and be physically active.

Picture: Karen Sandison/ANA

2 Markets

Bryanston Organic and Natural Market offers everything from decor to delis, and from fresh produce to jewellery. Also restaurants, clothes, art and curios, plus more. A great outing.

Open Thursday and Saturday 9am to 3pm. 40 Culross Road (off Main Road), Bryanston (011 706 3671). Jackson’s Real Food Market features popular organic and free-range food specialists. Think locally sourced, pasture-reared, hormone-free, organically grown, artisan treats, ­preservative-free foods and products, and more.The market is open all week. 300 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston (011 463 1598)

3 Eat

There are great restaurants at Riverside Centre and Hobart Centre including Rockets, pictured above, where you choose from mainly Italian fare, but there is also a good variety of other cuisine.

The service is great, says Robertson. 86 Hobart Centre Hobart Road, Bryanston (087 727 2777). Turn ‘n Tender serves top-end steaks, and Robertson says he goes there at least twice a month. Nicolway Shopping Mall, 2194 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston (011 706 9470). Gemelli is a fine-dining restaurant, ideal for a dinner. It serves fusion. 13 Posthouse Link Centre, Main Road and Posthouse Street, Bryanston (010 591 4333).


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