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Brisk bids likely for burial land

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Site will help to address the critical shortage of cemetery space in KwaZulu-Natal

With Durban in desperate need of burial space, 283 hectares of South Coast land zoned for “cemetery establishment” is likely to attract strong bidding at the In2Assets multi-property auction at Durban Country Club on August 20 at 11am.

The property on offer is inland from Scottburgh and Umzinto, about 35km from both towns. The Umdoni Municipality has already approved 500000 burial sites on the property, of which 300000 are ready to be used immediately, says Virend Deonarain of In2Assets.

“The site, part of the farm Broadvale at Sawoti, Umzinto, is ideally situated with townships such as Amandwe, Nkulu, Umgwemphisi, Dududu and Mkhumbani nearby.

“There is such a critical shortage of burial space in KwaZulu-Natal that local authorities have already warned that although natural burial is the tradition and culture of most of the population in the province, residents might soon have to explore alternatives ‘that might be deemed inconsistent with religious and cultural beliefs’,” he says.

Deonarain says according to an Environmental Impact Assessment report, the three levelled precincts on the property will meet the stringent municipal requirements pertaining to burial sites and accommodate 300000 burial sites.

“The remaining 215ha can be used for the development of places of worship, halls, mortuaries, funeral parlours and staff accommodation or subdivided into smaller cemeteries,” Deonarain says.

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