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Brando Vespa that broke British laws on sale

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A 1976 scooter illegally driven on UK roads by movie star Marlon Brando will be auctioned by H&H Classics in the UK on November 2.

The Piaggio Vespa 125 TS scooter was bought in Rome by Brando’s friend the film producer Elliott Kastner who brought it to the UK. Brando drove the scooter as a fun run-around when visiting Kastner.

Still bearing the original Roman number plate, and in original unrestored condition, H&H Classics is expecting the vehicle to fetch up to £3000 (over R57000).

After being used in Rome during a film shoot, the scooter was shipped to Britain where it was never registered for road use but driven at Kastner’s country home in Berkshire.

Dillon Kastner, Elliott’s son, has put in writing – included in the sale – that Brando, was a regular visitor at Kastner’s Runnymede House and would use the scooter to get about.

That the Vespa was not registered for UK roads did not stop Brando venturing out on roads in the surrounding area.

The star is, after all, still remembered as the leader of The Black Rebels, 40 leather-jacketed motorbikers, who terrorise a small town in the 1953 movie The Wild One.

Dillon Kastner sold the bike to the H&H auction consignor Chris Bishop, head of the furniture department at Pinewood Studios, who worked with Elliott Kastner while the producer had an office at Pinewood.

Elliott Kastner, producer of movies such as Where Eagles Dare and Missouri Breaks – the latter an eccentric 1976 cowboy film in which Brando starred – died in 2010.

Brando died in 2004 at the age of 80.


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