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Booysens: Strategic spot

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Booysens is growing, prospering and will soon need more schools and shops. That brings opportunity for investment into the area

If there is one good reason to invest in property in Booysens at the moment, it is there is still room in the suburb and its surrounds for expansion, with more building and more people set to move in – developments forecast to culminate in a rise in property prices.

As nearby Kirkney keeps growing and as the population in Booysens and Claremont increases, much investment in essential amenities can be expected, which can lead to the revitalising of Pretoria West.

“The nearby developments have been great,” says Musa Baloyi of property company Centurion 21.

“There are a few concerns which include traffic, but with more people moving in, it will be a lot safer; it’s growing, it’s prospering and we’ll soon need more schools and more shops. That brings opportunity for investment into this area. Hopefully it will spill into the rest of Pretoria West and the whole area can be restored to its former glory.”

Baloyi believes Booysens has traditionally been a good area in which to live due to its proximity to schools, shops, police stations and other essential amenities. 

There are two primary schools in the area – Laerskool Booysens and Laerskool Tuinrand in Pretoria Gardens which also has Hoërskool Tuine. The main campus for Tshwane University of Technology is less than 5km away.

The main local route, Van der Hoff Road, connects the area to Hartbeespoort and Brits in one direction, and to Pretoria via the R55 and Daspoort Tunnel as well as to the R80 and Pretoria North in the other, making access to and from Booysens quick and easy.

“Booysens is also more affordable than Suiderberg or Pretoria Gardens. The average property price in Booysens is R940 000, whereas Suiderberg and Pretoria Gardens average at R1.1 million,” says Baloyi.

“It is also more affordable compared to Mountain View and Montana on the other side of the mountain. The area is being developed which means house prices will go up as demand rises, as more people want to move into the area.”

The houses one finds here are spacious and were well-built on big stands, which owners have begun to subdivide and sell off, says Baloyi.

Most owners choose to renovate and modernise the interiors instead of selling, she says. Thus, buying an older home here means getting more space than a more modern home can offer.

“The yards are big enough to fit a 140m² house and then you still have a garden, a lapa and a swimming pool. For the same price you get a newly built three-bedroom townhouse with less space,” says Baloyi.

Neighbouring suburbs with a similar profile, in terms of valuation, property sizes and lifestyle would be Daspoort, Andeon and Claremont, according to Baloyi. Whether your preference is a big yard, a townhouse or a flat, there’s something for everyone in this zone, she adds.

Offering advice, Baloyi says: “Don’t buy the first house you see. There are a lot of good options in the market. And do your own research on the area to see if it will fit your needs and your family’s needs.”

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