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Bid for the assets of an organic baby food factory

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The factory equipment is in “excellent condition”.

Michael James Organisation will on July 30 at 10am auction on site the entire contents of an organic baby food manufacturing plant in the Strand.

The assets of the liquidated Allpack Beverages in Helderberg Industrial Park at 15 Clarkson Street are on offer. Michael James Organisation director Samantha James says Allpack Beverages was established in 2006 and the factory equipment is in “excellent condition”.

Among the specialised equipment to be offered are:

* The juice production line: this includes bottle inverters, drying station, heat exchanger, air-wash system, juice pump and piping, pasteurising system, cooling tunnel and blending tanks.

* The bottle-filling line: this features a high-tech Marefa in-feed baby-line bottle filling system which includes labellers, shrink tunnel and piping, metal detectors and unloading tables.

* Cooking and pulping facilities: notable assets include two 500 litre stainless steel cooking pots and scrapers, scales, rinsers, pumps, preparation tables, strainers and convertors;

* Refrigeration equipment: walk-in freezer and refrigerator with all ancillary equipment.

* Shrink wrapping: two fully automated industrial shrink-wrapping tunnels.

* Cooling system: specialised equipment includes a pressure vessel retort system, boiler, compressors, water treatment cooling tower, diesel fire boiler and compressor.

The baby food produced at the plant did not contain added preservatives, colouring, salt or sugar and ingredients were sourced organically. 


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