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Auction property sales offer a host of benefits

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There are many advantages to selling property on auction, says Park Village Auctions property specialist Jaco du Toit.

He lists the following benefits in property disposals via the auction route:

* Quick turnaround time: Sellers do not have to wait indefinitely for offers after countless show days. The process is further streamlined as suspensive conditions, such as bond finance, do not apply at auctions.

* Cash in hand: More people are turning to auctions to unlock cash quickly by disposing of unwanted assets. The proceeds are received in a very short time to boost liquidity.

* Greater reach: Online bidding brings more bidders to the auction with anyone in the world able to participate in real-time. “PVA has experienced increasing response from international investors at our property sales,” Du Toit says.

* Comprehensive marketing: Auction houses such as PVA have a comprehensive database for the marketing of assets.

“Pamphlets, online mailers, newsletters, websites and outdoor banners are all marketing tools used to great effect,” he says.

* Buyers come prepared to buy: Bidders typically attend auctions intending to purchase, and ensure they have the funds to do so.

“This is particularly advantageous in real estate auctions as buyers have to pay a deposit to bid which goes a long way toward weeding out those who aren’t serious about buying.”

* No haggling: Bidders know they know they are committing to buy the asset they are competing for.

They know, as well, that they must have a deposit available.

* Bidding wars: While auctions typically deliver fair market value, the price of an asset occasionally gets driven up still higher by people caught up in the competitiveness of auction fever.

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