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Advantages to establishing developments in Westville

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Advantages to establishing developments in Westville


The M13 cuts through Westville, meaning accessibility to the east-west corridor is always available. Access to the N3 freeway is relatively simple, linking to the N2 north-south corridor.

Green belt

Westville is known for its greenery and tranquillity. Before Westville was incorporated into the eThekwini metropolitan area, the town council regulations dictated that property sizes were a minimum half an acre. Correspondingly, many property owners still have large properties filled with trees and there are large tracts of open municipal land.

Large plots

The large residential plots offer opportunities for redevelopment into commercial nodes if the land is rezoned.

All-round asset

The integration of commercial and residential land use means residents can work literally minutes away from where they live and the traffic is not as congested as it is in the northern suburbs.

Auxiliary services

The area is well serviced by top schools, churches and mosques, shopping centres and other requirements within easy reach of the commercial nodes.

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