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Advantages offered by the South Coast

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Advantages offered by the South Coast

Availability of land 

Land availability means companies can establish greenfields projects and developers and investors can create new industrial parks and business units to let or for sale to tenants and potential business owners. 


The upside of a country where official unemployment statistics run to 25% is that there is an abundance of unskilled and semi-skilled labour within easy proximity. The South Coast has large communities seeking work opportunities. 

Influences of tourism 

While the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast does not have the luxurious reputation now afforded to the region north of Durban, tourism along the Indian Ocean plays a significant part in the local economy. There are opportunities for investors to hook into that industry with businesses – from hotels to camping and caravanning, leisure lifestyle activities, restaurants and food and entertainment to everything in between. 

Quieter lifestyle 

Moving out of the city rat race has its advantages – and the added pleasure of having the beautiful Indian Ocean on your doorstep can only be an advantage for lower blood pressure, lower stress levels and a more relaxed lifestyle.

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