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A letter from lockdown

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Many of you have asked us: Will your newspapers still be available during lockdown? The answer is YES!

We are seen as an essential service by our country and will continue to operate to keep our readers informed and entertained during the 21-day lockdown as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

This means that newspapers will still be delivered to subscribers and will also be available for sale at essential service outlets, such as grocery stores and garages. We are grateful for this as we realise for many, our newspaper will be their only connection to the tangible outside world.

During lockdown we will look a bit different, as most of our supplements will now run as dedicated property pages inside the newspaper in the main body. This is partly to keep the entire printing process machine automated.

Adverts and editorial that we run in the main body in our dedicated Home/property360 page will also be on our online platforms: Property360 where we have a growing engaged audience, and also on all our social media sites. Added to this we have a fast-growing newsletter subscriber base of 85 000 individuals and we will be sending newsletters out twice a week, and sometimes more. So, one advert has many opportunities of being seen by a large audience of future buyers and sellers.

We do hear you! There are no properties to advertise. However, in the last week, we have seen an increase in traffic on our portal with unique users. This means that while people may not be able to buy during lockdown (and a closed deeds office)… they are still looking, especially now in isolation, and could be ready to do so when things return to normality.

Given the crisis we as a world face right now, and the amount of uncertainty in the market, we believe that our print and online property360 and HOME can provide a perfect place for positive and important messages to our beloved community.

Now more than ever the general public and the real estate community are looking  for leadership and advice to help guide them through this period.

We hope to in our own way assist in easing the fear and panic in the market, to give a nation in lockdown some sense of belonging to a property community plus offer sound advice for some who may have been in the process of either buying or selling when a national state of disaster was called.

During this time, and through our publications and digital platforms, we hope to enhance, empower, connect and transform the world in our own small way that we can help shape not only the future but also the intense present moment, for our readers, clients and our employees.

We will continue to offer you the best packages, craft new solutions with you and make every effort to support your business in the most innovative way we can.

Finally – Breathe!

This is a fast-paced, tough time for all of us in the property industry but together we can create a space that uplifts a nation. We look forward to working with you on this mission.

Yours sincerely,

The Property360 team


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