Friday, April 19

50 shades for sale appeal

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Three things to consider when repainting before selling

Colour can have an exceptional impact
on buyers, and many cannot ignore it
if a home is not painted according to
their taste, says Adrian Goslett, regional
director and chief executive of Re/Max of
Southern Africa.

When repainting before selling:
◆Consider the roof: If you have a dark
roof, choose a lighter wall colour and
vice versa. Alternatively, choose a
similar colour in a different shade to
your roof.
◆ Factor in natural surroundings:
Homeowners must consider the climate
of their suburb when choosing an
exterior paint colour. If you live in a dry
area with minimal greenery, you might
want to avoid brown and beige shades
and opt for whites or greys instead.
◆Stand out, but blend in: Consider
how your home will look next to your
neighbours’ homes. Stay with the look
and feel of your neighbourhood. 

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