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Top drawer declutter

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Sort through the items to clear out what is no longer needed, then repack according to regular and less frequent use

Expert Bronwyn Shell, Eclipse marketing consultant 

Many people have kitchen drawers that are a mess of cutlery, utensils, rubber bands, odd batteries and the dog’s pills. Expert Bronwyn Shell, Eclipse marketing consultant, gives us some handy tips.

Q My cutlery drawers are in a terrible state. Is there any solution to keeping them tidy and preventing odd items creeping in?

A It’s all to do with order. Organise your drawer interiors to easily find what you need. Declare war on clutter.

To start

Go through each drawer and see what cutlery, accessories and utensils you have. Clear out items you can do without and focus on making your drawers functional, clean and attractive.

Keep items close to where they are used

Divide your utensils into categories: preparation, cooking and serving. Place the preparation items, like knives, close to your work surfaces. Cooking items, such as spatulas, should be near the hob, and cutlery should be close to your table. Everyday utensils should be placed in the front of the drawer and items used less frequently further back.

Store like items together

Not only does storing like items together tend to create tidier spaces, it also makes it easy to quickly find what you need. It is a good idea to have a knife block or holder on or near your work surface for your preparation knives. This protects knife edges from being dulled by kicking around in the general drawers, and protects you from cuts as you fish around for utensils you are seeking.

Use drawer organisers

Drawer organisers are the ideal way to create order out of chaos. Optimise storage in your drawers by finding the perfect drawer organisers to keep everything tidy. There are organisers available which can be customised to fit your existing drawers. Some are dishwasher-proof, and many are elegant.


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