Thursday, May 23

Testing new waters

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Top SA musician Craig Hinds of Watershed has settled in a heritage house in Kalk Bay

Lead singer and song writer of the band Watershed, Craig Hinds, has moved from Joburg to Cape Town, where he and his wife Natalie have chosen to live in Kalk Bay.
“We wanted to be close to the sea and were looking for a lifestyle change,” he says. “The building is at least 100 years old and is a heritage house. Our views of the sea are incredible and we are in walking distance of the Main Road, coffee shops and tidal pools. This formed part of our criteria when we decided on the move. We also have plenty of parking, which is a sought-after luxury here.

“The house has a really chilled feeling. Everyone who stays seems relaxed and excited about coming down to visit us, which we love.”

What is your inspiration for the decor, style and design?

We’ve kept everything simple, with the focus on the beauty we live amidst – mountains and sea. We brought our furniture, which is fairly neutral, and it works well in what could be called a beach house. Some of our art also works well.

How did you realise your vision for your home?

We didn’t work with an architect or interior designer. We like simple, comfortable and large areas with ample light. Our front ‘sea room’ is where we spend most of our time. This also doubles as my office, though the work is more the kind to come from being lost in thought.

What dictates your decor style?

We like to feel comfortable and use the things we have in our house. For us, homes are meant to be functional, comfortable, welcoming and lived in. I don’t like too much clutter and the things I use daily – piano, guitars and computer – must be ready when needed.

What things of beauty please you?

Colours, light, the sea and the mountains. I guess this all helps with creativity. I need space to move about and think.

What are your favourites?

The view of the ocean, the size of the living areas and bedrooms, the high ceilings and the general feeling of the house. From when we open our eyes in the morning until bedtime, we cannot believe how lucky we are to live where we do.

What would you offer readers who might care to recreate your style in their homes?

Once you have found the space and area you would like to live in, the rest becomes pretty easy. For us it’s more about where we live and our surroundings. The house and interiors become our base in which we need to feel comfortable.

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