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Warm minimalism is about decorating in a way that is not too much and not too little

Experts: Owner Nicki Ellis and partner Matt Finch of Love Milo, a proudly local brand of eco-friendly nature-inspired homeware and living essentials.

Q I love the idea of a minimalist look, but I find as soon I have got rid of everything, I begin hoarding again. I feel frustrated and want to give up. Help.
A Take a deep breath and exhale. You are not alone. While many of us have strived to be minimalists, most of us have found things we love creeping back into our spaces.

We have started to look rather at the concept of Warm Minimalism. It’s an antidote to bare-faced minimalism that so many of us have tried and failed to successfully achieve, and it’s the delightful notion of “not too much and not too little”.

It’s the conclusion that too clean and clinical can feel characterless, and that texture and natural forms can bring so much soul to a space.

It’s an 80:20 philosophy where the ideals of one’s decor direction are clear with personality-filled curve balls thrown in for good measure.

Q How can I bring warmth to my minimalistic home without cluttering again?

A Textures and fabrics are a great way to add warmth while keeping in line with the minimalistic look and feel. Using chunky blankets and throws, or even knitted fabric cushions and soft, tufted or natural fibre rugs, are a great way to do this. Candlelight and ambient lighting are other ways to bring ambience and layers of cosiness to any home. One or two items that show true craftsmanship and which highlight the timeless appeal of something that is handmade are what you should be looking for.

Q How do I bring some life and colour into my monochrome home without creating clutter?

A Living plants or plant motifs bring breath to a space. Indoor plants are a great way to soften monochrome rooms, and with nature-inspired designs you can enjoy the beauty of nature while feeling energised when interacting with the pieces. Create spaces of life by putting the greenery in plain places.

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