Tuesday, January 22

Stationed at home

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Two radio personalities have created a happy shared living space in a Vredehoek apartment.

This week’s Star Home belongs to Cape Talk’s Renaldo Schwarp and new KFM breakfast show co-host Sherlin Barends.
The friends share a home in Vredehoek.

When did you move in and how did you come to live together?
“We moved into this apartment at the beginning of September 2016. Renaldo and I go way back. We met during our campus radio years (MFM 92.6) and clicked almost instantly, so moving in just made sense. We both needed a space to call home, preferably close to our new Cape Town jobs, and who better to take it on than a close friend?”

How do you deal with working for two different radio stations?
“Having worked with Sherlin on campus radio, I have much respect for her work. Working for two different stations, which happen to be sister stations, is great. Sherlin co-hosts the breakfast show on KFM and I host a late night show on CapeTalk – two totally different types of radio and different time slots. It’s always a treat when we do see each other at the office (our studios are in the same building) because our schedules are so different.”

Renaldo Schwarp relaxes with a book in the second bedroom. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA Pictures

How much shop talk is there at home?
“Way too much. Renaldo and I love our jobs and we have a habit of bouncing ideas off one another. But it is also important for us to switch off, have fun and just be friends.”

What made you choose the area?
“Vredehoek is a great area. It’s a 10-minute drive into town so it’s the best of both worlds – close enough to work, but removed from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. The MyCiTi bus service is situated a block away from our apartment. The choice to move in here was a no-brainer. Let’s not forgot we get to wake up to Table Mountain right outside our window.”

What was it like when you moved in compared to what it looks like now? What changes, if any, did you make to the property, and why?
“The space with its wooden floors and white walls resembled a blank canvas. We added colour, texture and personalities. Throughout the house you find pops of blues, yellows and pinks.”

Did you work with an architect and/or interior designer? If yes, please elaborate, and if no, tell us your own inspiration. 
“We wanted a place to reflect both individual styles, but also a space to bring our personalities together. A space for friends. We wanted our home to be pretty and practical.”

Are you happy with how it is now, or do you plan to make changes the longer you live there?
“There is always room for improvement. Yes, there are a few changes we still would like to make, but we are happy with what we have created together.”

Is it a shared vision, or does one or the other have more influence?
Barends was responsible for the decor in the sunroom, and Schwarp handled the lounge. Their rooms were their own creative responsibility.

The lounge decorated with pallets and bed mattresses for a couch. Picture: Tracey Adams/ANA Pictures

What are your favourite things about your home? Can you pick out some of the most important ones?
“The sunroom. It’s a beautiful space to meditate in the corner and also a fantastic spot for brunch.” 

“The sunroom is the perfect spot for not just kick-starting one’s morning, but also for sorting admin and doing some work.”

How does it feel to come home in the evening after work or from a trip away?
“It is fantastic. It feels like home. It is comfort. It’s more than just the space, it is really about who I get to share it with.”

What do you enjoy most about being in your home? 
“We are both social creatures so having a space that is not just aesthetically pleasing but also practical was crucial. We love having friends over for wine or dinner and a games night. But when I just need some down time, the apartment also allows for solitude from all the hustle and bustle.”

Is this your dream home, or do you have other aspirations?
“Next step for both of us will be to move in alone, but for now we enjoy the set-up we have.”

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