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Push productivity with your decor choices

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Belinda Fourie, an interior decorator and blogger, says her creative space is a combination of who she is and what she wants to achieve.

Belinda Fourie, an interior decorator and blogger who works from the Joburg home she shares with her husband and two cats, is expecting her first child. She says her creative space is a combination of who she is and what she wants to achieve, as well as the people in her life.

“I spent a lot of time making the space work for me. These are things that excite me and remind me that I do my dream job every day.  As far as motivation goes, I have a piece of cotton ribbon stuck to my pin board. It has Hertex branding and I keep it to remind myself that I’d like to send clients packages with Tassels & Tigers branded ribbons one day.”

She admits there are a few animal motifs because she loves using them in her decorating. Fourie says plugging into the five senses helps her feel inspired.

Interior designer and blogger Belinda Fourie. Picture: Supplied

“I have my radio going with classical music all day, I always have a glass of water or coffee next to me to occupy my hands and mouth, a diffuser and plant, a view of the garden and a Persian carpet mousepad I adore.”

She says nothing was consciously chosen for what they do for the senses, but rather because the space needed them to work on a sub-conscious level.

The interior designer’s much loved Persian carpet mousepad. Picture: Supplied

“I’d describe myself as a believer of feeding off inspiration. It is important for us to follow our dreams and inspirations – the people we are deep down and the people we long to be – to guide our creativity. You need to be honest about who you are and keep yourself moving forward. If you’re surrounded by things you choose because they mean something to you, you will love the space and be productive.”

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