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Perfect spot for a great escape

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With a comfortable bed, beautiful linen and a quiet, inviting space, you will find zero reasons to leave

Bedrooms can become spaces for great escapes. It is one room where you can create mystical magic away from prying eyes.

We asked interior designer Will Engelbrecht, of Will Design, for tips to turn bedrooms into sanctuaries.

Bed and bedding

This will be your biggest cash outlay. Since you spend so much time in bed, says Engelbrecht, it is worth the investment and a good bed can last decades. If you don’t want to buy a new bed, Engelbrecht suggests using a bed topper. These are made from feathers or foam, and they add another layer of comfort to a bed. Linen is a necessity, but good linen is a treat, says Engelbrecht. Think 1000 thread Egyptian cotton, or go for the best you can afford, in shades that suit the room. If you are handy, put hooks in the ceiling from which to hang fairy lights or plants, or to create a four-poster bed. Scatter-cushions or throws tossed over the bed can create a luxurious feeling.


You want to create a sanctuary, so jarring colours are out. Engelbrecht suggests going for muted tones. You can carry these shades through to furniture. If you have old furniture, the quickest way to spruce up a room is to paint all furniture the same colour. This will breathe new life into old and create harmony.

A good place to incorporate colour is an accent wall using wallpaper, or painted another colour. Think wallpaper with jungle plants.


Under your ragged carpets could be parquet flooring that can be brought back to its former glory, says Engelbrecht. Alternatively, nothing improves a setting more than well-crafted rugs, particularly one placed under the feet of the bed.


Have essentials only next to your bed. Keep clothes and other items in cupboards. A photo or a book or two adds a personal touch. “Music is a great accessory so I have tunes piping into my bedroom via well-hidden speakers.” Scented candles are an old trick. A bunch of fragrant flowers or a bowl of fresh, succulent pineapples adds fragrance and colour.


Put dimmers on light switches for romantic ambience. Reading lights are a must.

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