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Old is new bold

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Head to National Cape Antiques Fair November 17-19 to add something special to your decor

Lovers of antiques and collectables, whether buying to add to a collection, decorate a home or going green by reinvesting in antiques with carbon footprints long expired, have been attending antique fairs that feature everything from classical antiques to modern collectables, from “mantiques” to mixing vintage with retro.

The National Antiques Fair, a landmark annual fair in Joburg, moves to Cape Town for the first time, taking place at the Great Cellar, Alphen Estate in Constantia next weekend. The fair is likely to have something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Decorating with antiques adds a new dimension – not to mention investment value – to any home setting. Contrasting styles or placing an antique focus piece in a modern room setting adds contrast and balance. Mixing contemporary and antique items creates an interesting mix of old and new.

A Chinese cobalt under-glazed jar, late Yuan Early Ming Dynasty, 14th or 15th century.

Decor settings featuring antiques from different periods include:

A dining setting featuring a 24-seater antique mahogany table laden with collectable porcelain dinner sets and valuable silver dining accessories.

International interior designer Stephen Falcke’s take on eclectic decor looks by mixing the old and the new.

Seating areas complete with master art, bookshelves filled with collectable books and ornaments that intrigue and delight collectors.

The retro-modern look for those who prefer 20th century designer furniture, for example Scandinavian design accessorised with collectable Italian glassware.

The quirky 1970s look, complete with plastic accessories or pop-art designs, or 1950s car collectables or advertising boards to liven a bar area.

Invest in a piece from the past

The beauty of collecting lies in the fact that you can start on a moderate scale, buying what you can afford, and moving on to investing in rarer and more valuable pieces.

Make decor statements with retro style. Picture: Supplied

Top pieces featured at the National Cape Antique Fair include:

William and Mary oyster walnut-veneered writing bureau cabinet/secrétaire, circa 1689-1694, and featuring beautifully crafted drawers and compartments with original brass handles.

A rare painting of the Resurrection of Lazarus painted by the Studio of Maerten de Vos (1532-1603), Antwerp. A variant (signed and dated 1593) of this painting is in the collection of the prince of Liechtenstein in Vaduz. Oil on canvas, 248cmx165cm.

The painting places the scene of Lazarus’s resurrection in a renaissance entourage. 

It was discovered and brought to South Africa by Dutch antique dealer Ricus Dullaert, who says: “When I bought it, it was so dark from centuries of candlelight that you could not see the spade in the foreground. After cleaning and restoring, the wonderful colours of this historic painting came to life.”

Every room should have a focal piece that makes people take a second look. It could be:

an Art Deco figurine

a Moorcroft vase

a Murano vase

a Chinese bowl

a Kalahari ware plate

collectable silver

The National Cape Antiques Fair is the place to find a statement piece that will become the talking point of your home, a rare piece to add to your collection or just something special that catches your eye.



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