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Louw is high on style

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A celebrity stylist turned an established Sandton townhouse into a picture-perfect and glamorous home he shares with his partner.

Golds and crystal form the foundation of an inviting address in Sandton, and make a generous space feel like home for celebrity stylist Francois Louw, who has transformed an established cluster into a unique, glamorous space.
Louw lives in the luxury townhouse with his partner, Pierre Jordaan and their three dogs – Chanel, Benjamin and Valentino. The interior is immaculately decorated and regularly welcomes friends into its warm space. “My look is classic, with a bit of French glam. Our family home at the Vaal River is contemporary and whenever I return, I feel this is really home. Its rich colours and gold relax me.”
After renting the late-century gem, he bought the two-bedroom house in 2009. The home’s centre is a large dining area with a gleaming table and beautifully upholstered, high-backed chairs.
Louw’s decor style is “classic, with a bit of French glam”. Picture: Mathews Baloyi/ANA
“My favourite room is the dining room. Only special people get to sit at this table.”
The use of dazzling crystal on a sideboard takes a guest to a sitting room where chandeliers, plush curtains and accents of deep red welcome one. With its contrasting white leather corner couch and ornate French-style chairs, the sitting room looks onto the pool and patio.
Louw has worked extensively in the cosmetic industry and decided to venture on his own in 2008. He has since worked with Minnie Dlamini, Liesel Laurie and actress Enhle
Mbali. He manages a sought-after service that styles many of our screen stars’ homes. He also gives corporate talks, offering advice on presentation and training.
The 33-year-old grew up in Nelspruit and moved to Johannesburg to study. Just like his aspiration for perfection in his career, Louw has created a picture-perfect home.
“I love that the rooms are so big because it was one of the early built homes and there aren’t a lot of clusters in the complex. We did some renovating, just cosmetic things.”
Three dogs in a home where golds and crystal form the foundation of an inviting address. Picture: Mathews Baloyi/ANA Pictures
The duo love entertaining but despite Louw being a qualified chef, Jordaan does most of the cooking. When the weekend social get-togethers come to the Louw household, their friends gather on the patio. It boasts a bar and deep-seating area in shades of stone and blue. A shared love for art is evident throughout.
Paintings by Asanda Kupa dominate their collection,
and Jessica Webster prints offer an enigmatic backdrop for the master bedroom.
“We love to travel and much of what you see is from our adventures. We are likely to invest in something like these,” says Louw, indicating framed porcelain masks from Venice.
Louw has styled a home office that artfully blends antique with contemporary items in a quiet, considered space. He is currently in talks for a part in a new reality TV series.
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