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Go boldly botanical

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The accents for spring home decor are gloriously green and fabulously floral

Floral and environmental fabric prints are all the craze and the onset of spring is the perfect time to integrate them into your interior decor.
Teamed with funky paisleys and metallic undertones, the vibrant “botanical fantasticals” theme introduces a green and floral wonderland.

“Choose gentle florals in muted tones for a relaxed look or go bold with wild botanical prints and exotic colours for an exciting interior update. Classic floral prints are enjoying a revival,” says Stacey Nel, marketing manager for Volpes Linen.

The reproduction of plant life in all forms and on interior surfaces is bringing the nature theme to life within our homes.

Cara Saven, of Cara Saven Bespoke Wall Designs, says the season is all about “texture, texture, texture” and botanicals are a great option.

“Oversized florals are still around as are natural textures like marble, wood panelling and brass. Paint effects, geometrics and leaves are also alive and butterflies are making a comeback.”

Kobus Rousseau, planner for Pharmaline and Vencasa signature bedroom specialists, says flower prints can be paired with other trending patterns.

“It’s a fresh start to a new season. Think texture, think contrast created by pairing strong geometrical patterns with softer botanical prints and soft, lustrous fabrics,” says Rousseau.

Floral and paisley scatter cushions. Picture: Lou Harvey

Birds of a feather

With longer hours of sunshine, established colours can be used to draw subtle styles together.

“Metallics are still around, paired with softer blues and teals, accentuated with blotches of yellow and soft pinks,” says Rousseau. 

“Rose gold, brass and copper influences are being layered and mixed with things like tinted concrete and marbles,” says Saven.

Today’s botanicals can also be grouped with bold bird prints and exciting jungle themes.

Wall to wall

Saven has been involved in many projects, residential and hospitality, that use florals.

“There are so many different types of botanicals you can find to work in any space. It’s all about finding the one that complements the interior.

She says choosing a feature wall is preferable, but there are exceptions to the rule.

“This rule can be broken when you have a very small space, like a guest loo, where it makes a bigger impact to wallpaper all walls. We will see more interiors wallpapering the entire room, floor to ceiling, edge to edge.”

Be bold in the bathroom. Picture: Cara Saven Wall Design

Perfect paisley 

One of the most economical ways to showcase trending decor is by installing select accessories. 

Lou Harvey has launched nine new designs for their spring collection of bright and functional lifestyle accessories, which now include scatter cushions.

The Elliot gives a fresh, modern take on the much-loved paisley design, introducing playful blue, strong monochromatic shades and ever-popular pink. 

“I’m obsessed with paisley at the moment and wanted to give it an update with new colour options.”

Harvey has also created a subtle, muted floral design on grey.

“If you’re in the mood for something lighter and brighter the fun and feminine floral version of the design is the perfect match.”

Petal to the metal

The upside of using florals in a decor element is the contrasting colour the flower print typically delivers.

Wall art in the form of hanging prints can be used to bring in a vintage feel in living areas, where soft fabrics tend to be more textural rather than printed. The addition of living greenery in the form of living flowers or large plants entrenches the style.

Harvey has opted for a blue and multi-colour version that brings new meaning to flower power and adds a fun edge to traditional floral designs. She uses pink with hits of green florals that make a statement against a turquoise background.

Oversized florals give rooms a fresh new look. Picture: Cara Saven Wall Design

Sleeping pretty

In the bedroom, comfort and luxury remain the key goal.

“For bedroom furniture go for softer fabrics in calming tones with higher rub counts to ensure durability. Velvet creates a luxurious feel and paired with softer cotton and linen prints, create interest, contrast and glamour,” says Rousseau.

Nel says: “The botanical trend is as popular as ever and you can invite spring into your home and transform your bedroom into a botanical paradise with floral blooms in the freshest new colours.

“When it comes to delicate bedroom decor, you can’t beat the new lace decor trend for a touch of whimsy. Lace inspired designs are modern but still add a touch of vintage appeal.”

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