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Funny man’s den

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Tired of living like a cave troll, Westley Cockrell found a spacious Gardens flat.

Cape Town based comedian Westley Cockrell, 29, grabbed life by the horns when he decided to move from behind a desk to being on stage and entertaining audiences with tales of his hilarious journey to the Mother City.

“Being on stage for the first time, I felt like Eminem in the beginning of the movie 8 Mile,” says Cockrell. In the three years since he first cut his teeth in comedy, Cockrell has performed alongside some of South Africa’s top comedians, including Rob van Vuuren, Nik Rabinowitz, Conrad Koch and Stuart Taylor.
Stuart Cairns and Cockrell most recently worked on a new comedy show titled The Book Detectives, which debuted in Cape Town in early April this year. “Being a comedian is a lot of hard work,” he says.

“It hasn’t always been easy for me, but I’m passionate about what I do so I push through every obstacle that comes my way, and gladly so.”

Cockrell and his girlfriend, digital sales manager Sarah Holtshousen, moved into their Gardens apartment in November last year.

“I was getting tired of living like a cave troll,” says Westley. Here self-confessed shy guy Westley talks to us about his cat, his girlfriend and his home.

Picture: Jason Boud/ANA Pictures

Who is queen of the house?

My cat Delilah. I miss her terribly when I’m travelling. How did you find your home? Where all Capetonians find property: Gumtree. It took a while to find something in our price range and bigger than a shoe box. Of course, I now had to compete for space among tons of woman’s clothing and shoes.

Why Gardens?

I wanted something close to town as my work is in the CBD (castings, comedy and so on). The biggest selling point? The space. We could finally afford a bigger place. Everything in town is so tiny that it was rad to finally have a separate kitchen and bedroom. The balcony is beautiful and has space for a braai. The view of Cape Town alone blew our minds. It’s incredible. On renting The previous resident left a pigeon and birdhouse on our balcony, which was weird. Luckily the caretaker took over ownership of our feathery friend so he’s in good hands. All we did was put in uncapped wi-fi as we can’t live without Masterchef and Twitter in our lives.

Picture: Jason Boud/ANA Pictures

What did he have to get rid of when he moved in?

My Homer Simpson posters. Luckily our tastes are very similar, except for those posters and Sarah’s weird flying bird collages On the apartment We are trying to get a little herb garden going, but we don’t really have green thumbs. Sarah would like more mirrors. I say less is more.

Best thing about the apartment?

The view. We sit and watch the sun set behind Lion’s Head regularly. We love the size of the kitchen and cooking is our passion. The future? We still have time on our side for the ultimate dream home. We definitely have other aspirations, but for now this is a great chapter in our life. This place really suits our needs.

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