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DECOR TRENDS FOR 2019: Splash with a bit of dash

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The austerity of cool neutrals will be offset by layering and plenty of wild splashy colours

We scoured local and international decor houses and shops and chatted to interior designers to obtain a feel of the best trends for 2019. It seems the main palette this year is white with dramatically coloured layering. Sensual Cleopatra-styled bathrooms are sizzling hot while pumping up the comfort is the way to go. 


Think bold indigo, emerald green, and dark teal layered in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms with paints, fabrics, accessories and rugs to create drama against a white backdrop (forget grey backdrops).

Vintage meets boho

Think “Victorian hippy”. That will be a big look for the year. There will be layering and patterned fabrics, but nothing fussy and stuffy. Like with the favoured four-poster bed, the fabrics will be structured and lines will be a whole lot softer.

Bold Kitchens

There will be a lot more punch and pop in the kitchen this year. Again white will be the backdrop but think wild, bold and outrageous backsplashes. 

Handmade pieces

Handmade pieces with their own stories will be popular. Picture: Supplied

People will search and pay extra for items made by hand and from sustainable materials. Think hemp, rice paper and clay. People are searching for authenticity in a world gone awry; to connect to the earth in their homes. They will want to know the stories of items they own.

All white, minimal layers of colours

Build on a foundation of white, but allow hues to edge in. The recipe for 2019 is four portions of white to one portion of colour. Forget accents walls and rather introduce colour in the shape of a softly faded Persian rug or bright handmade vases.

Four-poster beds

There is something comforting about a four-poster bed so often seen and used in the wilds in five-star lodges. In the home they will play a big part this year, bringing an extra feeling of structure and security, but will not be adorned with as much flowing tulle as has been the case in the past.

Dark bathrooms

Dark bathrooms with Egyptian touches are bold and sexy. Picture: Supplied

Think bold, dark, sexy, sultry designs and colours that give you a sense of a high-end Egyptian spa experience from the days of Cleopatra. Blazing torches in modern lighting, golds, blacks, deep earthy tones, sphinxes, and other Egyptian themes, plus lots of mixed metals. 

Light wood floors

Out of the bathroom, the rest of the home promises to be more airy and open, which means many will opt for light-coloured floors in shades of birch, beachy white and light oak.

Pumping up the comforts

Soft carpets underfoot, comfortable couches on which to lounge. The “less is more” trend has had its time and now people will search for extra comforts such as trims, bullion fringes and tie-backs. Unusual shapes and colours will make this throwback to passementerie chic again.

Light wood floors will be the trend, offset by soft luxurious carpets. Picture: Supplied


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