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An affordable and comfortable couch is the starting point when designing your interiors

EXPERT: New York designer and author Victoria Hagan

Q My daughter and son-in-law just bought their first house. All the walls and floors need to be cleaned and repaired and the possibilities are overwhelming. They don’t yet own a signature piece around which to build a design.

A You can find great quality at a good price. A great sofa is always a good starting point.

Q I’m 67, and shopping to replace furniture I bought more than 30 years ago. While I can afford far better quality now, I might be looking to downsize or move into an active adult community sometime in the next 10 years. How do you balance buying quality for longevity when one’s personal longevity is questionable.

A A comfortable sofa is important. I wouldn’t buy the most expensive, or the least expensive. Somewhere in the middle you will get good quality. Pick a fabric that’s not too fragile and you should be good for the long haul.

Q In which rooms are you likely to use wallpaper? Do you think it is modern or old-fashioned?

A I frequently use wallpaper in powder rooms and bedrooms. Sometimes we use a few different papers in one room to differentiate one wall from the other.

Q What are must-haves in interior design?

A A comfortable sofa, a comfortable chair and a great reading light.

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