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DECOR ADVICE: The latest trends for bathrooms

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The frameless look is in, as are large mirrors, walk-in showers, mosaic tiles and wooden flooring

EXPERTS: Sian Cullingworth, portfolio director at Reed Exhibitions, and expert consultants from Shower Haus and Cas Tiles

As bathrooms gain more prominence within the home, designers and suppliers are becoming more innovative in their approach to decor and furnishings. Decorex SA will showcase the latest in trends in its The Bathroom Project installation at its Durban exhibition next weekend.

Q How has the bathroom metamorphosised?

A “In the past few years we’ve seen significant changes in bathroom style and design from a utilitarian room that bore no real design consequence to an integral space within the home, drawing a lot of attention to elements such as furniture, colours and spatial perception. We’re seeing a lot of intelligent design trends,” Cullingworth says.

Q What are the bathroom trends of the season?

A Frameless With space at a premium, many are turning to smaller bathrooms which incorporate design techniques to enhance the perception of ample space.

There is also a preference for front bathroom ‘walls’ to be finished with frameless glass, thereby incorporating the bathroom into the bedroom.

Walk-in showers: The frameless trend continues into showers where black hardware – as opposed to the traditional chromed finish – is gaining traction. There is also a move towards walk-in showers comprising a single, frameless screen.

Black hardware is replacing chrome. Picture: Supplied

Internal glass doors: Within the bathroom, glass doors are trending over traditional wooden doors. These can be clear or sandblasted.

Large mirrors: Another space-enhancing technique is the incorporation of large mirrors within the bathroom.

Mosaic tiles: Created from glass, mosaic tiles in a range of colours are becoming a popular aesthetic. Because of the nature of the tiles, they’re hygienic, non-porous and resistant to stain and mildew, making them a particularly attractive option.

Wooden tiles: Another local decor trend that is following on from European trends is the use of wooden tiles in the bathroom. The flexibility of aesthetic and durable nature is seeing them incorporated more and more.

Wood bathroom tiles are a new trend. Picture: Supplied

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