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DECOR ADVICE: Spring-load your home

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Discover seven ways to update your living space, enhancing its beauty and functions for the coming season of rebirth

Spring is all about rebirth, so why not take an opportunity to refresh your home too?

When you enhance the beauty and function of your sanctuary, you’ll become happier and more productive.

Declutter: Begin with the entrance to your home. It’s the first area visitors see – and the place where you drop keys, shrug off coats and transition from the work day to the evening. To make it as welcoming, calming and organised as possible, think cleverly about storage solutions. Hang a key rack near the door for easy access and a variety of pegs and hooks for backpacks, sun hats and dog leads. For another instant update, new entrance mats on either side of the door will limit tracked-in dirt – and if you choose ones with quirky wording, you will start and end your day with a smile.

Rearrange: Take a look at each room in your house and figure out if a few furniture shifts will make sense. Now that the fireplace no longer needs to be the central focus of the lounge, consider moving occasional chairs towards the windows to take advantage of views and light.

Sometimes just repositioning a side table or standing lamp will give a room a fresh look for spring. “That seemingly dark or bare corner in a room can be elevated by adding a well-considered mirror or a large planter with a green leafy shrub,” says Cape Town interior designer Sihan Wiid, of Mink Interiors.

Replace: Ditch those tired couch cushions and add new ones. Velvet is still the fabric of choice. “The idea of spring awakens a fresh, uplifting colour pallet,” says Wiid. “Bottle green, white and soft shades of earth tones come to mind.” Roll up that heavy wool carpet, store it away until winter and switch it out for a super-durable, natural-fibre mat. Whether its sea grass, coir or jute, it will add a relaxed, beachy vibe to your living space.

Bring spring inside: Float some succulents in a vase and display with fruit because bringing the outdoors in can uplift and boost your spirits. Picture: Supplied

Paint: Nope, you don’t need to commit to an entire colour overhaul. Take a look at skirting boards and picture rails instead. If they’re scuffed or stained, a fresh coat will work wonders. Tackle a small DIY project by adding casters to a tired coffee table or kitchen workbench and updating with a zesty lick.

Display: Now’s the perfect time to relook at the way you arrange your art. While some experts say the idea of a gallery wall (a collection of paintings or prints hung on one wall) is dated, others say you just need to rethink your groupings. Will you frame your prints in the same way to add uniformity? Or perhaps it makes more sense to theme your wall? Travel? Botanicals? Portraits? Still life studies?

“A gallery wall is an easy way to give a blank wall a bold treatment. If you take the time to make your selections personal to your experiences, it will feel stylish versus overdone,” says Cape Town interior designer Kimberley Richmond, of Beautiful Spaces. Look at your shelves and display cabinets too. “Be ruthless about what you showcase,” says Nikki Zigras, of Studio Do Cabo. “Choose a few well-loved hand-crafted objects made of natural, organic materials – such as wood, stone, glass and clay. We might be a technology-driven society, but we’re nostalgic about artisanal processes and handiwork.”

Consider: Door handles and light switches are often the last thing you think about when wanting a mini overhaul. But the devil is in the detail. Swop switches and handles that don’t feel good to the touch for something prettier and more tactile. And while you’re dealing with the little things, untangle all those computer and TV cables. Clip them together – or invest in neat cable tubes. Agreed, it’s not the most glamorous way to update your home, but it will make the world of difference to your sense of calm.

Invigorate: Spring is the perfect time to infuse your home with the rejuvenating scents of nature and the outdoors. Experiment with handmade wax candles fragranced with jasmine lavender or citrus, and add a selection of quality-scented shower products to your bathroom.

It goes without saying that you need to play around with greenery and garden flowers. “Float a succulent or a few statement Delicious Monster leaves in a little glass vase or jar,” Richmond suggests. “They’ll last longer than cut flowers.” Bringing the outdoors in is a sure-fire way to uplift your spirits and boost your sense of equilibrium.


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