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DECOR ADVICE: Making Easter eggscellent

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Decor doyenne, Martha Stewart gives expert advice for celebration and entertainment

Expert: Martha Stewart

Q What’s a good Easter centrepiece for this time of year? A 

Speckled Easter eggs in a basket are nice. A rabbit collection is good, if you have a rabbit collection. You can buy chocolate bunnies, in both brown and white chocolate and let them run down the table in a row. These are cute and then you can eat them or give them to the children.

Q How are millennials doing on the entertaining front?

A They are trying to learn, and they can still learn a lot. They are trying to cook. They are trying to entertain, but all very simply. Their homes are so edited. I am amazed at how cleverly they are editing their things. 

Q What if you only have plain white china?

A Add colour with place mats in robin’s egg blue or spring green. That would be beautiful. You can buy a few metres of fabric, rip it into rectangles and fringe the edges. You’ll have a bunch of beautiful place mats. You can also make napkins that way. I have drawers full of them.

Q How do you throw a good dinner party?

A Begin with really good food, and match the people to the food. The food and the guests make it a success, whether you serve a simple soup, a home-made pizza or a fancy roast. It’s delicious. Add a fun dessert and you have a great dinner.

Q How do you feel about paper napkins when you entertain?

A No paper. I am totally against paper unless you are having a bagel for breakfast on the run. I use cloth napkins or beautiful old dish towels that are ironed. I also have a huge collection of fine linens. 

Q People are so busy today, but still want to get together. Is it okay to serve takeaways when you entertain? AI think it is perfectly acceptable. Many of us are too busy to cook, and you can be creative with things you can buy. There are many takeaways places that will prepare beautiful foods for you.

Q What if you are nervous about entertaining?

A I don’t think most people are as nervous about entertaining as they used to be. What they are nervous about is inviting me to a lunch event or dinner party. I am not regularly invited to dinner parties at people’s houses, but I really like going because I like to see what people are doing and what they are up to in their homes.

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