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Crisp, chic, neutral

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Tammy Holmes has lots of colour and texture in her Joburg home, but the apartment in Cape Town is cooler.

Tammy Holmes – who is founding partner of Loveables, an online registry for homeware, decor and baby items; and founder and owner of Ivy Decor and Design, an interior decorating business launching this month – lives in Joburg with her husband, baby Ivy, and their dogs. She owns an apartment in Three Anchor Bay which she rents on Airbnb.

“I am a decor fanatic, which led my mom and me to launch Loveables. We work with couples to come up with a home scheme to suit their tastes, budget and lifestyle and then we source the products to bring it to life – for the couple to add to their wedding gift registry,” says Tammy. “This ensures they actually get what they need and want, rather than random gifts.”

What made you choose your apartment’s location?

The Cape Town Atlantic Seaboard rental market is thriving and we knew we’d get great returns by having a spot so close to the Sea Point promenade, shops and restaurants.

What did it look like when when you bought, as opposed to now?

The bones and spaces were good, but it needed to be modernised and freshened; the kitchen was boxed in by walls and there was only one bathroom for the two bedrooms.

So we:

Added an extra bathroom.

Updated the flooring throughout.

Knocked down the kitchen walls to make it open-plan, redid the kitchen cupboards and added an oak breakfast counter with barstools.

Freshened the existing bathroom.

Painted all the walls.

One of the bathrooms. 
Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA

Did you work with an interior designer or architect?

I worked with my mom and interior decorator Sue Lederle to achieve a chic, sophisticated but neutral space that would welcome both male and female guests.

Are you happy with it now, or do you plan to make more changes?

We love the space and it receives amazing reviews on Airbnb, so we’re happy with it for now.

What dictates your decor style?

I’m all about stylish comfort and creating a home with personality. I definitely have a distinctive style as my friends have often walked into a new home of mine, or one I have decorated, and commented how “me” it is. I’m more Block & Chisel than Weylandts, and love finding unique pieces at antique or secondhand furniture stores.

I use Pinterest and my top searches are country, beach, French, colonial and plantation style. I love warm, multi-layered spaces, and use a lot of textured linens, velvets, sisal, pom-pom edging and plants. 

How does the apartment look compared to your home in Joburg?

My home in Joburg has a lot more colour and texture, and is an entertainer’s dream because my husband and I both love having friends over. Because I wanted to make my apartment a little more neutral, so male and female tenants would feel at home, I simplified the style a little to create a peaceful, uncluttered space. 

How and where did you source the decor items for the apartment?

Much of the furniture used is repurposed from previous homes. I sold my four-bedroom home in Green Point two years ago when I moved to Joburg and I had a lot of furniture from there that I painted, sanded, recovered or cleaned for my apartment. A few older pieces are antiques that have remained in our family and been passed between homes, so they have a lot of sentimental value and make the place look cosier. 

The TV cabinet, coffee table, barstools, black dance chair and two aloe paintings were from Block & Chisel. 

What things of beauty in your home please the you most?

I always have fresh flowers – lilies or roses – as they bring me great joy.

What are your favourite things about the apartment?

Its location and proximity to the action, the view of Lion’s Head and the call of the seagulls.

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