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The decor at Si eatery in the V&A Silo District is as bold as the food choices and ‘insanely instagrammable’

Situated in the Silo District of the V&A Waterfront, Si’s bold food choices coupled with bold design create an all-day social hub for the growing community of residents, office workers and gym goers in the area.

“We loved the concept of the Silo District – a new trendy, vibrant precinct that gives off a European feel with an African flair,” says co-owner Shelly Castle. “We believed our Mediterranean/communal eating concept would be the perfect fit.”

With emphasis on a sharing way of eating, how did you pin that to the design and decor style?

We were aware of the environment’s importance and wanted the ambience to be cozy and inviting, but also give a feeling of elegance and vibe. An eclectic collection of collaborative art, colours, textures and light, play in a space that is ancient and beautiful, says Kira Castle, head of marketing and business development

The cosy art deco-style booths. Picture: Supplied

Did you work with architects and/or interior designers?

Shelley: Yes, architect Charl Marais and interior designer Janine de Neuilly. Her brief was to create an oasis where people could be energised any time of the day.

De Neuilly: It needed to uplift and nurture customers as well as reflect a sense of creativity. The aim was to create a space that balances and blends the female and male energies, by playing off materials and colour to highlight certain aspects of the industrial shell.

A collection of eclectic decor, lighting and furniture pieces were introduced to create moments of familiarity with a touch of madness and a mural to hold the space for blurring the lines between masculine and feminine.

How do your guests relate to the surroundings?

Shelley: We get heaps of positive feedback regarding our interior/decor. Apparently our space is “insanely instagrammable”. One such comment we received the other day is how social media is “blowing up” with pictures of our decor and famous Si mural.

Tapas at Si is in keeping with the Mediterranean flavour. Picture: Supplied

How would you like them to feel?

Kira: We want all people to feel welcomed, acknowledged and inspired.

What is your favourite part of the property?

Shelley: Our living mural which is a collaboration between artists Oda Tungodden and Patrick Hugh Thorne AKA Buffy; our one-of-a-kind cosy art deco green booths and red chairs; being in the hub of such a lively spot, where we get to meet the most creative heads and hearts.

Any tips or advice to offer readers?

Neuilly: Pinpoint a feature wall and be bold. Don’t be scared of using surfaces for colour fields. Be sure to use lots of plants and amber lighting and keep layering pieces that add interest to your space.

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