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Choosing colours

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You will find there are shades you are drawn to when you analyse your choices in life

EXPERT: Lifestyle blogger and design book author Will Taylor

Q I find it hard to choose paint colours. Do you have advice on where to start? There are so many choices.

A Look at other aspects of your life where you make colour choices without even realising you are doing so. See the pattern in colours of clothes you buy, or look at the packaging you are drawn to in the grocery store. I find most people are naturally drawn to certain colours over others but they just don’t realise this.

Q What do you take into account when deciding on a room’s colour scheme? Should the bedroom be painted a peaceful hue?

A Remember that picking a colour scheme is personal. Don’t be swayed by a magazine telling you a colour is “out” or “in”. Then look at how natural light comes into the room throughout the day, as well as your furniture placements and options. I like to paint colour samples on boards so I can move them around the space to see what the colour looks like in the dark corners versus the brighter spots – you’ll be amazed at the difference.

As for peaceful hues – this can be subjective. I think bedrooms can work in bold hues as much as they can in softer ones. For example, a rich navy bedroom can feel wonderfully comforting. If you are worried about going all out with a darker, bolder colour in the bedroom, try painting two-thirds of the way up the wall, keeping the ceiling and final third white.

Q Is it true you should buy a rug as the first item in a room and take your colour choices from there?

A Not necessarily. It could be a piece of art, a cushion, a vase – anything, really. But it’s great to have a piece you love as the starting point and build out from there. Having a reference point for colour, pattern, texture and so on helps when you are choosing other pieces for the space.

Q What’s your opinion on reconciling style preferences? I love clean, neutral, minimalist spaces, but I also love more bohemian, eclectic and (wildly) colourful spaces. How does one satisfy each of one’s varying tastes?

A I suffer from this. As a lover of design, I am always seeing new spaces and pieces that I love. The way I work through this is to invest in pieces that I consistently love (clean Scandinavian design) and then marry those pieces with more transitional items. So sometimes my spaces might be Scandi-modern, sometimes they are Scandi-coastal, sometimes they are Scandi-industrial. By keeping one red thread that flows throughout all your spaces means there’s some level of consistency to your style and home. My advice would be to pick your favourite style and then use that as a base to fuse with other styles as your taste and mood takes you. 

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