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Undyed, organic wool mats are comfy and resilience makes them perfect for nurseries

Expert: Nader Bolour, international rug expert

Q What type of rug material do you recommend for a nursery that will stand up to stains and grow with the child?
A Undyed, organic wool carpets are the best for nurseries. They are comfy, cosy and resilient. Reversible flat-weave rugs are also great. They’re easy to care for and can last throughout your child’s life.

Q When I bought a kilim for my living room, the dealer said to use an old-fashioned manual floor sweeper, not a vacuum cleaner. Is this the standard recommendation?
A Yes, this is the standard and smart recommendation.

Q I have a small rug in the middle of my den that doesn’t reach all the furniture. I want to place a larger rug underneath it to pull the room together. What do you recommend?
A The most popular recipe for layering rugs is starting with a neutral rug as the foundation and topping it with a colourful patterned rug. Sisal and sea grass will make the best base. Jutes are usually softer than sea grass and more stain-resistant than sisals. They are all rather cheap so choose the biggest size to fit the whole seating area.

Q We have an area rug that was somehow stretched on one side and no longer lies flat. Is there anything we can do to fix it, or are we stuck with this uneven trip hazard?
A My recommendation would be to send it to a professional rug cleaner who can stretch it for you.

Q It seems antique rugs are out of fashion. Would you agree and, if so, for how much longer?
A Unusual, great antique rugs are not out of fashion. They have a timeless quality that can complement the more modern settings which today’s designers have opted to work with. A great designer can create stunning rooms with antique and vintage rugs.

Q Is it a problem if sofa legs or coffee table legs flatten the fibres of my living room area rug? It leaves little indents and it’s a new rug, so I can’t be sure if the fibres will bounce back or look terrible if I reposition things.
A As long as it’s a good quality rug, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Q Do you believe there is a benefit to always having a rug? I have hardwood floors and identify with the minimalist movement. I’ve been struggling with the decision to buy a rug. On one hand, I think rugs can look great. On the other hand, it does stop the eye a bit and it is one more thing to maintain.
A There should be at least one rug in one of your main rooms. A rug imparts soul into a space and the right rug can still serve – and maybe even enhance – a minimalist setting.

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