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Antique and vintage trends

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There is a move to collecting pieces for use in the home, and to be treasured for future generations. Here are some styles

There are those who say collecting is as old as time itself as people around the world create, produce, use and then reuse, recycle and collect – not only for investment and “green” reasons, but also because it preserves history.

There are an increasing number of new collectors who are finding antiques more affordable and more valuable in the long run than buying new and often overpriced goods.

The country look is favoured by many people. Picture: Supplied

For those not in the high-end bracket but still avid collectors, there is a trend to buying pieces that can be incorporated into a home, enjoyed and treasured for future generations. Gone are the days when collectors displayed row upon row of Royal Doulton figurines.

Today’s collectors want to be able to enjoy their investments on a day-to-day basis. Here are examples: 

Antique Revivals

Antique dining setting with silver and Tretchikoff dinnerware. Picture: Supplied


A rare 19th century painted Italian commode with 18th-century Italian painting and rare Chinese porcelain vase and statues. Picture: Supplied

Blending antiques, vintage and new has become a growing trend, not only across periods but also across contrasting styles. Whether it’s blending an antique piece of furniture with modern furnishings or setting a table with an eclectic mix of dinnerware and flatware, eclecticism is the new trend in collecting.

Chinoiserie Chinoiserie, from the French word “chinois” for Chinese, refers to inspired art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries. With China and the East playing such a pivotal role in both the current political and socio-economic arena, Chinoiserie has become trendy, from collecting rare Chinese porcelain to cabinetry, from Japanese painted screens, embroidered silk and kimonos to Oriental art.

Mid-century furniture, glass and lighting

Whether a sculpted pair of Scandinavian Barcelona chairs, a unique Murano vase or statement-making lamps, mid-century collecting is in the spotlight. In furniture classic design icons, like Eames and Florence Knoll, are still on the sought-after list of mid-century investments with collectors always on the look out for that Barcelona or butterfly chair.


Fuelled by the wildly successful Downton Abbey and subsequent historical series and movies, and the goings on in the Victorian manor kitchens full of copper pots, stoneware bowls and wooden rolling pins, collecting “culinary antiques” or “vintage kitchenalia” is all the rage. Whether whisking eggs by hand in an earthenware bowl or grinding herbs in a stoneware mortar and pestle, this renewed interest is making the kitchen and food the centre of your home.

Toys and Hobbies

Steeped in nostalgia for things from one’s childhood, the collecting of toys and hobbies has evolved over the years to include more modern collectables, such as comic books and trading cards. First editions and later limited editions have made this a lucrative market, from collecting early die-cast toys and Steiff plush toys and teddy bears to celebrating toy gifts in coffee tins or early McDonald’s giveaways.


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