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A home transformed

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When Victoria Botha's family bought the house it had an institutional feel, but her mother has worked magic

Victoria Botha, aka DJ Viktoria, is a local DJ, model and music producer. She has lived in her Table View home periodically with her mother, Ellen Branquinho, and her brother, Christopher Botha, for two years.

“I travel a lot for work so living with my family really makes me feel at home when I am in South Africa,” she says. “We all lead busy lives and our home is our quiet place.”

What made you choose the area?

The area is quiet and safe and we were happy to find a large property.

How did it look when you moved in, as opposed to what it looks like now?

It was extremely different. It was dark and closed off and the whole interior of the passageway was facebrick. The kitchen was far too big and had around 70 cupboards. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been used as a hostel. It looked like an institution with this long passage going right through the house and so many doorways on either side. It was an uncomfortable space in the way it was designed, but it had a lot of potential.

It was built in the early 1960s so we tried to bring it into the modern era. We re-did everything and took out about a quarter of the building’s interior.  We re-did all three bathrooms, added a scullery and retiled the pool area, and built a step where the ground was uneven. We also had the wall feature built to cover unsightly walls near the kitchen.

Did you work with an interior designer or architect?

No, my mother designed it all herself. This is the third home she has transformed. She was inspired to create airy rooms and free-flowing movement through house. A complete turnaround from what it was before. 

The main lounge leads to the patio and out to the swimming pool. Picture: Tracey Admas/ANA

What dictates your decor style? 

A sense of peace and tranquillity. We tried to create a homely, relaxed, tranquil, practical and welcoming living environment.

What things in your home please you most? 

I think the artwork is beautiful – all the paintings, sculptures, glasswork collection – and the light that carries through the house. We love to surround ourselves with beautiful things and interesting conversation-starting pieces.

Is it a shared vision between the family members?

We made many of the decisions together, but my mother definitely had the final say.

What are your favourite things about your home? 

There is so much soft light that comes in, so it always feels like spring to me. Every item in the house has a story and a lot of them are from different cultures all around the world.

The peaceful reading lounge is my favourite place. I also love how the artwork sets the tone for each room – every one of them has a different story.

Lastly, the big stacking doors in the main lounge are amazing for entertaining. When opened fully there is a sense that the whole area from the pool to the kitchen/dining room is fluid and makes the house seem even bigger.

Are you happy with how it is right now, or do you have plans to make any further changes?

We have made all the changes we wanted and are happy with the outcome so I don’t foresee any new structural changes.

The only changes will be in the garden. We will add a greenhouse for organic food and a water-recycling plant.



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