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Water sin bin at gym

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We cannot afford to ignore the City of Cape Town’s usage restrictions

It is nice to see the column is
being read all over the country,
with questions coming from
Joburg and Springbok this
week, not to mention questions
going directly to my Facebook page
for the first time. 

I must start with a story from a
friend. She is an avid gym user and
was appalled by the following scenario
last week. 
She and a friend had finished
training, had their quick in-and-out
shower and noticed the middle
shower still running. 
As they started to dress another
woman entered the change room
and also had a quick shower.
the middle shower stopped and a
woman emerged.
The three woman accused her of
using way more than her daily 87
litres in a single shower. 
She replied,
without shame: “My hair is longer
than yours so I need more water.”
With attitudes like that will we
ever win?
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