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Water bill lacks logic

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Estimate based on usage a year ago doesn’t reflect times

The City of Cape Town kindly informed us that there could be problems with our water account this month as they were changing computer systems and this meant many estimated reading accounts were being sent out. 

They added we were not to panic as these would be based on last year’s January reading, so to please just pay and it would be all sorted out next month. Well, mine duly arrived and, of course, it was estimated. 

They are charging me on the basis of my usage last January, when I was still enjoying long hot showers, wearing regularly washed clean clothes and shaving every day. 

The result is that I am being charged for 7 kilolitres more than I have actually used, including two weeks after the estimated reading was taken. Luckily the monetary amount is not large, but what I fail to understand is why they can’t charge me an estimated amount based on last month’s usage. Of course that would be next to nothing. 

What also amazes me is that it appears that I am the only person who has an estimated account in this area.

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