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Tip of the week: Water problem cleared up?

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Tip of the week: Water problem cleared up?

I have just had another two cases of not doing my own homework properly. Maybe it is because I try to do too much at once and don’t
focus on one problem at a time. 

I am always searching for water-saving tips and had even resorted to using our brown, smelly borehole water in our toilet cisterns but the staining and smell were unpleasant.
However, during the week, I decided it was time to start using the borehole water sparingly on the garden as it appears there is going
to be little rain in the foreseeable future. 
Until now, I have simply been filling up four 10 litre buckets from the tap connected to the borehole and getting brown, smelly stuff.
When I came home on Wednesday, Mrs Mac proudly presented me with four buckets of clear water, admittedly still a little smelly,
but at least I could see the bottom of the buckets.
She had filled them only after watering the garden and discovered that, after 10 minutes or so, the water runs clear.
I continued with this and after 15 minutes of watering transferred the borehole hosepipe into the pool, as it needed topping up. 
Twenty-four hours later, the pool is still crystal clear.
I also have a theory – and would love some feedback on this – that the bad state of my pool last summer was not because we
were keeping the pool topped up with borehole water. 
Perhaps it was rather because the pool cover creating warm water, together with a lack of chemicals and not enough filter time and not enough back-washing was causing the continually green pool. 
My first step now is to have my “clear” borehole water tested. I have chatted to Chris le Mesurier of H2O International, who helps people with borehole water problems, and ask you to “>watch the short video, as it shows we are not the only ones with water problems and that there are others who need help much more than we do. 
The other tip I would like to share involves hanging pictures on walls. When we returned from Clanwilliam, I had more than 80 items to hang, a task that I sub-contracted out, because I didn’t have time to do it. 
Mrs Mac needed a few more items hung on the walls.
Usually Handy Mac would have attacked this task with his powerful hammer drill, big drill bits and massive plugs and hooks – the big
macho thing. 
However, hanging one of the items involved the removal of the fixings done by the professionals, which I discovered consisted of a “concrete” nail in a small hole, plugged with masking tape or something similar. 
The heavy equipment was replaced with a 2.5mm masonry bit, my cordless electric screwdriver, which has a drill setting, and some 40mm concrete nails. Ten minutes later, the small hole was drilled at a slight downwards angle, the nail hammered in – easy when the drilled hole gives you a 20mm start – and the new picture hung, with just a tiny bit of drill dust instead of my usual messy pile.

Handy Mac, aka Don MacAlister, is our expert on household DIY issues. If you have a question for him, please send it to or SMS only to 082 446 3859. Find Don on FB:

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