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Tip of the week: Tapping into the acquifer

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All about boreholes

I am still receiving requests from people wanting to learn more
about using their borehole water. 

Organising our own seminar is going to be a long process, but I’ll
approach the suppliers at the seminar I am going to attend with
some of our readers to see if they will help organise a more general
Obviously if you don’t have a borehole you first need to establish
if you have an underground water supply by finding yourself a
water diviner. There are plenty on the web so just google. I understand
good borehole diggers are booked for months already, so get
in the queue as soon as possible.
I am already hearing stories about deposits paid to contractors
who have then disappeared, so please stick to referrals. 
Once you have your water out of the ground, have it properly
tested by a registered laboratory to see how it needs to be treated
for any nasties it might contain. At a show I attended recently a
very helpful young man said: “Yes sir, send me your analysis and we
will design a system for you, but expect to spend around R100 000.” 
Obviously I will not be going back to him.
On the way home the other evening I popped into Sam’s Irrigation
– Pool & Garden Hardware as I needed bits and bobs for my irrigation
system which runs off my borehole.
My eyes fell on bright blue cylinders similar to large gas cylinders. 
The man behind the counter informed me they were for “filtering”
borehole water.
Once I showed interest he summoned Hadji from the back room
to explain how the system works, and it doesn’t cost R100 000. 
There are other bits and pieces that you need, depending on what
is in your water and what you intend to use it for, including introducing
it into your home.
As soon as I get my water test results back I will pay Hadji
another visit.
Coincidentally my mate Rob Ervine popped in on the same evening,
and knowing that he is a regular customer of this shop, I ran
the scenario past him.
He agreed that the system is
not rocket science and that you
don’t need to spend R100 000.
Have a look at his website
at to
learn a little more about what
is possible.
Apologies to Radiant Pools
who, as promised, have sent
me many more ideas about
protecting your pool during
water shortages. Hopefully
next week I will have space to
include their ideas.

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