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Tip of the week: Read instructions carefully

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Handy Mac's task: Restring the washing line for Mrs Mac

I recently learnt a lesson. Read instructions carefully, and if in doubt, look for a YouTube instruction video. Last week I said I was going to restring the washing line for Mrs Mac.

We have an umbrella clothesline. My previous attempts led to slack uneven lines, but this time we achieved a slight looseness which disappears as washing is hung up when clothes on one side tighten the line on the other.

Previously I started on the outside or closest to the pole. The correct place to begin is the middle, working outwards and then having secured the outer end, work backwards to the middle and then to the inner side.

It seems all our appliances have been designed and developed by experts who want to have a popular and sellable product. This means if we don’t follow the correct operating or repair procedures, we are going to end up with a product not fit for purpose with nobody to blame but ourselves.


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