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Tip of the week: Marbles are marvellous levellers

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The washing machine started hopping across the floor

Just a quick one this week. How many of you have forgotten or have never known that many of the appliances we buy come fitted with adjustable legs or fittings to keep them level.

I was reminded of this when Mrs Mac put a little too much laundry in the washing machine, and it started hopping across the floor. The next time you try wedging paper or a piece of wood under a leg of a fitting to level it up, check to see if it does not have a built-in adjustable screw jack.
Also, many appliances have built-in castors, so if you tip the appliance at a slight angle you can almost wheel it around without breaking your back.
This has made me think of something else. The next time you go to look at a house with a thought about buying, check to see if any of the fittings or furniture have been wedged up to keep them level.
This could be a sign of subsidence under the floors. I always keep a marble handy to put on a floor if I think it might not be level.
*Handy Mac, aka Don MacAlister, is our expert on household DIY issues. If you have a question for him, please send it to or SMS only to 082 446 3859. Find Don on FB:

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