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Tip of the week: It’s the season to take care of outside maintenance

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Spring has sprung and it is time to check what we need to do around the home.

The south-easter is making itself felt, the tablecloth is appearing on the mountain and the flowers are out, so spring has sprung and it is time to check what we need to do around the home. 

With the days growing longer, there is extra time to start on outside maintenance. First, ensure the winter storms, (not that we have had many) have not loosened anything the howling south-easters will rip off.

Walk around the outside of your property and check for loose gutters, missing roof tiles or anything else that is out of place. Remember it is cheaper to fix things that have gone wrong in winter during the drier weather in spring and summer.

All too often we decide to leave those pesky little leaks or other problems until the start of the next winter, when contractors are busy again and pushing up their prices. 

The next most important item on the list is to check your tools and fittings that have not been used during the autumn and winter months. Usually, I would advise you to check outside taps, sprinkler systems, lawn mowers and so on but these will probably not be used much so just ensure nothing is leaking.

Those of you lucky enough to have air-conditioners should have them checked and serviced so you don’t break out in a panic sweat when you want to be cool. Water drips out of AC units so remember to put a bucket underneath them.

This also applies to hot-water cylinder overflow. There is always some dripping, due to pressure changes, so collect the water.

Check for damage to external windows and doors. As temperatures rise, putty will start to loosen and cracks will widen. Having checked that your ladder is in good working order and safe to use, get up and clean out the gutters.

Rubbish deposited in gutters during winter will form a mulch in which seeds will germinate. Before you know it, you will have beautiful gardens growing in the gutters. Apart from adding weight they will cause damage as they grow.

Handy Mac, aka Don MacAlister, is our expert on household DIY issues. If you have a question for him, please send it to or SMS only to 082 446 3859. Find Don on FB:
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