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Tip of the week: Clean all the filters in your home

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Talking about gas, fires and insurance, when did you last clean or replace any of the filters in appliances that are used for cooking or heating or, for that matter, any filter that collects dirt or fluff, such as a tumble-drier?

Many fires are caused by equipment not being maintained in proper running order. Once ventilation is slowed by a build-up of fat, dirt and dust, temperatures start to rise,and when enough heat is generated fires start.
Dust, believe it or not, is a great conductor of fire – it is common for a fire to flash right across a ceiling. I suggest you check every single filter that you have, cooker extraction hoods, air-conditioners and any other vented systems.
And don’t forget your gas braai – I have seen a few portable braais literally catch alight because no one has taken the time to clean off the fat from the last braai. The amount of residue can be quite startling.
On the subject of checking things, be even more proactive and get a smoke detector fitted in your home, especially in the kitchen, because there is nothing better than an early warning system.

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