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Tip of the week: Cashing in after Knysna tragedies

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Tip of the week: Cashing in after Knysna tragedies

It is amazing how disasters stir up hornets’ nests. My long-time
readers may remember that in 2011 I went to Christchurch in New
Zealand as part of the Earthquake Catastrophe Team.

The biggest delays to the rebuilding process were about how to
make the city green. 
I have no problem with fixing the environment because it is
necessary, but it needs to be balanced with the need to get things up
and running. 
Gordon from fire-devastated Knysna, whose plea about plans for
his replacement home we published last week, now says: “There is
a company that has spray-painted letters on buildings. Red A for
asbestos and green F for none. Mine has a green A. It turns out my
pot plant holders are asbestos. 
“If I don’t deal with this my plans won’t be passed. Of course,
there are now contractors cashing in on the asbestos removal.”
Asbestos must be handled correctly, but I hate seeing anyone trying
to exploit the misfortune of others. 
Geoff sent this advice for Gordon: “I suggest he gets an old railway
carriage and renovates it as a cabin. No plans needed as nothing
has been built. It would be about the right size (3.6m x 10m).” 
Dennis has this advice for Pet, who has a wall problem caused by
a tree: “One could make a square enclave. Break down the tree’s
width of wall, throw a small foundation and go around it.
“However, there could be problem with that as it looks like it’s
going on to the pavement. It looks like only that section of tree is
leaning against the wall, so where the wall is cracked cut out a
square piece of wall to accommodate the lean.” 
On the subject of geysers and temperatures and bacteria, Neil
has sent me this: “The bacteria multiply where temperatures are
between 20C-45C and nutrients are available.
“The Legionella bacteria are dormant below 20°C and do not survive
above 60°C.
To be safe, keep temperatures up in hot water cylinders.
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