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Tip of the week: Brightening the bathroom

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Bright prints make a visit to the bathroom a much more cheery experience.

Mrs Mac decided that the Easter weekend would be a great time to get stuck into rejuvenating our home and as always, she had some great ideas for me to put into practice after the necessary time spent watching sport.

So, I was busy moving things around, changing curtains and hanging up some bright prints which make a visit to the bathroom a much more cheery experience.

We seem to forget bathrooms, but if you look at them there is a lot of wall space you can do things with. A bright piece of artwork takes your eye off the old tired tiles.

We have been having a lot of fun with our spare/guest bathroom which we are trying to make special and after a visit, our guests often return to the dinner table with all sorts of new topics to discuss.

Next week I will start the next stage of renovation to this bathroom. It contains the original plastic bath from the 1980s which I want to keep for when and if our children arrive with grandchildren who need a wash.

Mrs Mac has seen an article which will transform the bath which is dull in its current state.

I will cut a piece of plywood to fit over the bath to be covered by a foam pad and some cushions to transform it into a sofa. Easy to remove if the bath is needed for its core function.

*Handy Mac, aka Don MacAlister, is our expert on household DIY issues. If you have a question for him, please send it to or SMS only to 082 446 3859. Find Don on FB:

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