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Tip of the week: Be water-wise

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Tip of the week: Be water-wise

Back to water and short showers. I heard a listener phoning in to our local radio station last week suggesting something of special significance to those who have old-fashioned showers with two taps instead of a mixer.

It will also assist those who don’t have a balanced hot and cold water supply.

I waste time and water trying to get my shower temperature correct for my body by juggling the hot and cold taps. 

The advice on radio was simply to set your hot water cylinder temperature to a heat that suits your body. 

Dermatologists suggest this should be around 43ºC degrees centigrade. Then all you have to do is use the hot tap and the first few seconds of cold water that comes through goes straight into your collection bucket.

There is a downside to this when it comes to needing very hot water for greasy dishes. We now use an old kettle to boil borehole water. 

The other problem comes if you want to bath, which you should not be doing as it uses too much water.
If your hot water cylinder is set to a lower temperature you will not get a hot enough bath.

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