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Tip of the week: Appointing contractors to work on a development

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Retired architect Ley gives advice

A reader, who is a retired architect, sent me a list of criteria for appointing contractors to work on a development. My thanks to Ley.

1 The contractor must be registered with the NHBRC and have had no variance/non-compliance orders or stop orders given by a competent inspector.

2 Must be registered with the building industry bargaining council (a statutory requirement in the Western Cape).

3 Must be able to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the amended Construction Regulations of February 2014. The contractor (or nominee) must show proof of regulations adherence.

4 Must be registered and in good standing with the Compensation Fund or another approved insurer.

5 Sub-contractors must be registered with a relevant authority.

6 Demonstrate building construction qualifications either by certification or suitable prior experience.

7 Must provide at least two references of satisfactory completed dwellings/major alterations.

8 Show a thorough knowledge of homeowners’ association requirements if working on an estate.

9 Must ensure all certification is provided at conclusion of a contract, including an occupation certificate provided by the relevant municipality.

  • I have added the following:
  • Proof of registration for UIF.
  • Proof of public liability and CAR insurance.
  • Proof they have some form or level of BEE ownership.
  • Tax clearance from SARS.
  • Registration with the Construction Industry Development Board.
  • Produce a health and safety plan compliant with health and safety specifications.
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