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Tip of the week: Always have a plunger in your tool kit

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Check all your drains every couple of months

Last week, I began chatting about getting “older”. We had another example this week: with ageing comes hair loss and where does the hair go. Mrs Mac said she thought we might have roots in our drains again; we do have a problem with this, but major expensive surgery is required to solve the issue.

Mrs Mac demanded I examine the shower as the water was not draining away. Out came the tools and on with the latex gloves. A bad back and bad eyes together with tiny screws does not make it easy to get the shower drain cover off, but when I did what a mess I found. My thinning hair has been finding its way into the shower trap; I could not believe how much was in there. I would suggest you check all your drains every couple of months as small blockages are easy to clean yourself.

It’s a good idea to have a plunger handy in the tool kit, together with an old mop. I have found the best way to clear a blocked toilet bowl is to use a good old-fashioned mop as a plunger. To be a complete handyman, add a set of plumber’s rods to your tool collection.

Please remember if you are using drain cleaner to store it well away from children and pets, and ensure the bottle is clearly marked.


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