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Ros, a regular reader, shares a tip with those renovating or installing a fireplace.

Ros is a regular reader of the column and I know she is passionate about making the most of her home. She sent me this:
Hi Don. I have a tip for readers renovating or installing a fireplace. 
The most efficient are free-standing, built against an internal wall, ie a wall between two rooms. 
If the fireplace is against an outer wall, it is better to have the chimney on the inside and going through the roof. 
Having the chimney on the outside wastes a lot of heat. In a double-storey house it’s nice to have the chimney going through an upper bedroom.
On the subject of fireplaces, here’s a tip for readers:
Before lighting your first big roaring fire of the season, check your fireplace, and especially that your chimney is in good working order. You never know what has ended up in there since your last fire. 
Old-fashioned fireplaces, along with chimney sweeps, are a thing of the past but it is a good idea to check your chimney regularly by burning something small that makes a lot of smoke, to make sure the fire is drawing properly.
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