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The Pool Heating Studio: Making the swimming season last longer

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Why pool heating? By installing a solar heating system for your pool, you can extend the comfortable use of your pool from the usual four months of the year.

Why chose us? We provide a top-quality system, a professional team, quick installation and a 10-year warranty. Our solar heaters are tried and tested and last many years. 

How pool heating works: Your regular pool pump first pumps water through the standard filter to remove the debris and dirt which would return to the pool; instead of sending that water straight back into your pool, we divert the water to solar panels where the water is heated by the sun. 

The Pool Heating Studio is division of The Fire Place Studio in Bergvliet and we have successfully been installing closed system fireplaces for the past 15 years. 

With more than 15 years servicing Cape Town in the home industry, our product, installation and customer services are efficient and professional.

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