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The Fire Place Studio: Specialists in slow combustion; wood-burning stoves

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The Fire Place Studio has been a landmark on Bergvliet Main Road for a number of years.

The company is a founder member of the Fireplace Association of SA, as well as a member of the Finest Fires Group, both nationwide organisations.

At the Fire Place Studio, customers receive the finest service possible to keep you warm this winter. The company is a specialist in slow -combustion, wood-burning stoves that are ecologically cleaner than old fashioned, open-wood or coal-burning fireplaces and all conform to the highest international emission standards.

The company also stocks a selection of gas fireplaces. We pride ourselves on giving knowledgeable advice to ensure that customers can make an informed choice and also promote those products that have a good record of quality.

Qualified and trained installation team

We have our own qualified and trained installation team. The important decision in choosing a closed combustion stove is how large an area you wish to heat.

This will determine the output of the unit that you will choose. Too large a unit for the space will cause discomfort rather than a cosy feeling of warmth.

On the other hand, a small stove for a large area, to save on cost, will lead to running the stove too hard and damage the stove.

As the engine of the fireplace is the chimney, it is vitally important that you also get the correct advice on the installation and design of the chimney for safety and operational reasons.

There are two types of closed-combustion units, the freestanding and the one built in to the wall. When you visit the store, you will find a good selection of free-standing and built-in units.

We are happy to come out to advise you – at no cost – about what will suit your needs.