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The Fire Man Wood Delivery Service: Superior quality firewood for the discerning customer

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The Fire Man Wood Delivery Service PTY Ltd, was established in 2013. The company is SARS Compliant, has transparent volumes, reliable and professional.

Economically and Socially Responsible
Long established as the pioneer of efficient and honest deliveries of fire and braai wood to homes and businesses throughout Cape Town, The Fire Man Wood Delivery Service promises you:
  • Guaranteed dry and seasoned wood that burns NOW!
  • Transparent, calculable and honest quantities EVERY TIME!
  • Punctual and professional delivery teams with a SMILE!
  • Seamless ordering and online shopping! 
With a fleet of six roadworthy vehicles, uniformed delivery teams and a company ethos that values its staff and clients equally, we are one of the few.
SARS compliant Vat registered wood delivery companies in WC so you can always rely on us to do our very best to serve.
Facts to consider when comparing like-for-like
The Fire Man Wood Delivery Service, established in 2013 and now boasting over thousands of happy clients, continues to excel in providing superior quality logs with their unique ‘Dry Guarantee’ on all products, legal compliance plus a reputation for customer service second to none.
Jack Taylor, managing director of The Fire Man, offers some important factors to consider when comparing like for like when purchasing firewood:
  • Log moisture content – vitally important if you wish to burn the logs immediately. Anything containing over 17% moisture content will smoke and blacken the screen of glass fronted units.
  • Size of the logs – most standard fireplace units (enclosed and open) have an average sized opening of 50cms. Logs should not be less than 28cms long and 8cms wide or they will simply burn too quickly.
  • Weight of a bag/log – don’t be fooled by a heavier log. Remember that logs weigh less if they are dry.
  • Number of pieces – some alternative companies sell their firewood by number of pieces. Be sure to count them when they arrive and check for size. Often two of their small logs will represent one of The Fire Man’s logs.
  • Be wary of ‘Bakkie loads” – there are so many different sizes of delivery vehicles.
  • Delivery charges – check for additional charges to your area.
All chopped logs are subject to 15% VAT. Beware of suppliers claiming otherwise.
Volume of wood received is the only transparent measurement to use when comparing like for like.
The Fire Man supplies their logs in identical sized bags, each filled to an identical level every time and thus, the customer
will receive an identical volume of wood each delivery.
The Fire Man’s standard log size is 28-32cms long and 8-14cms wide which is the optimum size for economical combustion.
The Fire Man works on confirmed delivery slots so no waiting around for them to arrive. They unpack all of their lovely logs in your chosen display area.
Delivery and unpacking are all included in their service*.
Click here for online orders, ring them, email or pop in to their friendly warehouse in Diep River. 

The Fire Man – Keeping Your Fires Burning* additional fees may apply for deliveries outside Southern Suburbs.